Bug N Scrub program

The success of any bed bug treatment program increases with proper preparation of a home or apartment. For vulnerable persons who need help due to limitations that prevent them from preparing their home, the Bug N Scrub program provides a variety of preparation services such as moving furniture, general cleaning, laundry service, and reducing and removing clutter. The Bug N Scrub team also returns to the home or apartment after treatment is complete to put things back in order.

Vulnerable persons that need service must be referred by qualified organizations or individuals that have first- hand knowledge of the needs of the applicant.

Bug N Scrub services will only be provided where bed bugs are present on-site and not for preventative treatments.

Referrals are made by completing an assessment form (pdf 27 KB), or by calling the toll-free Bed Bug Hotline at 1-855-3MB-BUGS. Services are offered free of charge for approved referrals.