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Manitoba is home to a wealth of natural resources, world-class deposits and underexplored remote regions of high mineral potential. Some of our key commodities include crude oil, gold, copper-zinc, nickel, lithium, rare metals, potash and others. Manitoba has competitive supplies of high-demand resources used in the production of solar panels, electric vehicles and batteries. Along with the discovery of diamonds, Manitoba also has the potential to host different types of uranium deposits.

Manitoba's mining sector enjoys streamlined permitting, including a new multi-year permitting process for mineral exploration projects. The province has also contributed $21 million towards the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund, which facilitates economic growth and job creation in northern Manitoba. Adding to these competitive advantages, our province is located at the geographic centre of North America and has the continent's largest trimodal port, providing easy access to markets across North America and beyond.


Manitoba mining at a glance
  • International studies consistently show highly competitive business costs in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba offers 99 per cent renewable energy at some of the lowest rates in North America.
  • Manitoba supports mining and exploration operations with many compelling programs and incentives.
  • Manitoba has one of Canada's most diverse and dynamic economies.
  • Manitoba's workforce is characterized by low employee turnover levels.

$1.9 billion

total value of production


$826 million

capital expenditures on development


2.4 per cent

contribution to Manitoba's real GDP



new wells drilled


Manitoba's Mining Ecosystem

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