New - MGEU GEMA Negotiations 2.5% Special  Adjustment Fund - The Facts

September 2, 2023

The timing of the current bargaining dynamics is unusual, but this mutually desirable element is not. A special adjustment fund has been part of the total monetary package in each of the last 6 collective agreements, dating back to 2000.

This approach has always recognized the breadth and complexity of our workforce, which has over 600 classifications. The only difference this time is the scale of the proposed special adjustment fund. At $18.4M - spread equally over all 4 years - the fund is over 2½ times larger than it's ever been before.

Why? To ensure broader reach and wider application, as the Employer and MGEU continue jointly addressing particular issues for our employees:

  • retention and recruitment;
  • wage compression;
  • wage inversion;
  • special market considerations;
  • special allowances and premiums;
  • qualification pay;
  • overtime eligibility and compensatory leave


Although much larger than ever, this fund would continue to be jointly administered by the employer and MGEU. The annual process timelines for agreement on allocation issues are short, and if agreement isn't reached, there is a clear arbitration mechanism.

Again, the special adjustment fund process isn't new. It is just better and more impactful this time - to address shared priority issues of mutual concern.

Further Details

The 2.5% special market fund is part of the Employer's guaranteed 16.2% offer with a no-risk direct path to binding arbitration. For additional details on the 2.5% special market fund, see the specific language proposed in pages 3-5 of the full August 31 offer is here.