Mental Health and Addictions


The Mental Health and Addictions (MHA) Branch provides leadership for provincial planning, policy development, and project implementation as it relates to mental health, substance use/addictions and recovery. The VIRGO Report play an important role in steering the branch's work.

The Government of Manitoba is dedicated to ensuring individuals struggling with mental health and substance use/addiction challenges can access the help and support they need. The MHA Branch works with several partners, including Shared Health, regional health authorities, Indigenous partners, grant-funded service providers and other community partners to improve mental health and addiction services in the province. Through strong collaboration, the branch supports a wide range of addictions treatment programs, and mental health initiatives. Programs and initiatives supported by the branch include emergency and crisis response services, community treatment and support services, and acute and specialized services.


Key Functions of Branch:

  • Provides policy, planning, funding, and oversight to service delivery organizations and community agencies
  • Strengthens mental health and addiction services through implementation of the 125 evidence-based recommendations of the VIRGO report
  • Coordinates and manage initiatives that address recommendations from the VIRGO report
  • Monitors how recommendations from the VIRGO report align with other strategy recommendations such as the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth (MACY) and Illicit Drug Task Force (IDTF).
  • Enhances addictions treatment services based on the national needs-based planning model to ensure investments in mental health and addictions address key gaps in services in Manitoba