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Aboriginal Men's Anti-Violence Campaign

The objective in launching the Aboriginal Men's Anti-Violence Campaign (AMAVC) is to engage Aboriginal men in taking up the challenge to end violence against Aboriginal women and girls. This campaign is supported by Manitoba's Multi-year Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy and it is being implemented in partnership with Aboriginal community agencies.

AMAVC highlights and reclaims Aboriginal men's traditional roles as protector, provider and warrior and shines a light on positive role models who live their life in a good way by raising and honouring the women and girls in their lives. We look to Aboriginal men to become active agents of change within their families and communities.

AMAVC features five Aboriginal men from Manitoba representing a cross-section of roles Aboriginal men play within the community and family as fathers, partners, Elders and youth leaders.

AMAVC features Kevin Settee, a youth from Fisher River Cree Nation; Elder Elmer Courchene from Sagkeeng Anishinaabe First Nation; Jason Whitford from Sandy Bay First Nation; Quentin Stevens from Sapotawewak First Nation; and Russell Mason and Ginger Johnson, partners from Fisher River Cree Nation and God's Lakes Narrows First Nation respectively.

Each of the five posters challenges other Aboriginal men to join the fight to end violence against Aboriginal women and girls and to advocate for change by honouring traditional cultural mores and the individual and collective rights of women and girls to mental, emotional, and physical safety, dignity, and personhood.


Elmer Courchene Jason Whitford Kevin Settee

Quentin Stevens Rusell Mason