Manitoba For Ukraine

Financial Support


Ukrainians arriving to Canada under CUAET can apply for a federal income support through the Canadian Ukraine Income Transitional Assistance Initiative (CUTAI). This one-time only payment will be provided to adults and children. Payments will be made through direct deposit; therefore, potential applicants will require a bank account with a Canadian financial institution.


Manitoba previously provided financially eligible individuals travelling to Canada under CUAET with direct financial assistance through the Temporary Assistance Program (TAP).

In an effort to provide sustainable supports to persons fleeing the war and arriving in Manitoba, TAP will wind down effective March 31, 2023, and as of April 1, 2023, shelter and food supports for eligible persons arriving in Canada under CUAET will be available though Employment and Income Assistance (EIA).

The EIA program provides financial help to families in Manitoba who have no other way to support themselves. This includes benefits to help you with the cost of things like food, shelter, clothing, personal and household needs, basic dental, optical and prescription drugs, and health-related supplies or equipment not provided by other programs. For people who are able to work, EIA will help them work by providing supports to employment.

Households actively receiving TAP financial benefits will be transitioned to EIA in April 2023. Individuals who are not currently receiving TAP benefits and are in financial need, will need to apply for EIA.

To apply for Employment and Income Assistance or receive further information about this program please call 204-948-4000 or walk in to 111 Rorie Street between 8:30AM and 2PM Monday to Friday.

EIA Fact Sheet for CUAET holders