Manitoba For Ukraine

Information For New Arrivals

One of the first steps upon arriving in Manitoba is reviewing the Welcome Package for Ukrainian Arrivals. See Welcome Package for Ukrainian Arrivals

The Manitoba government established a central Reception Centre and Settlement Services Hub in Winnipeg to help Ukrainian refugees arriving in Manitoba.

Services include:

  • initial review of needs to determine individual and family support;
  • temporary accommodations and meals up to 30 days* for those without pre-arranged accommodation;
  • access to co-ordinated health-care services; and
  • registration, brief orientation and referral services through Manitoba Start to facilitate awareness of settlement supports that link people to language training, the workforce and longer-term settlement needs, including housing search.

*Once permanent housing is located, individuals must leave temporary accommodations to help create space for new arrivals from Ukraine.

Please note that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian if presenting for services at the Reception Centre or requiring temporary accommodations.

Appointments are required to access the reception centre and settlement services. For more information on reception centre and settlement services, including location, hours of operation, schedule of services and how to book an appointment, call 2-1-1. Outside of Manitoba or Canada, call 1-855-275-1197.